A good logo has several functions, so having it is essential for an institution to consolidate:

Logo Design

1. Embodying a company

If the logo is developed by professionals, each and all of the components convey a company’s message. Colors, lines, shapes, typographies, layout and the relation between the parties convey the activities, set of values and aims of an organization. A logo is a unique and distinguishing representative of all the things a company offers to the public.

2. Allowing a brand name to be recognized

Through the graphic aspects chosen for a logo, a brand name begins to be set up on the market and the entire society. When people see the same colors and shapes associated with a company in different contexts (posters, internet, brochures, packages, etc.), these signs are incorporated to their memory and they automatically and subconsciously identify them with that organization. A quality logo is a sign consumers quickly recognize even among the multiple visual stimuli of today’s world. Thus, an effective logo is the item helping the public to buy what a company offers. It consolidates a brand name, makes it last throughout time and be part of a culture symbolic universe.

3. Making a difference

A logo designed by experts catches what is unique and irreplaceable in a company, what makes it different from its competitors. Thus, a good logo prevents unwanted confusions on customers.

4. Increasing sales

A simple and striking logo that has been advertised enough will be recognized by a lot of people. Besides, people associate graphic quality with corporate quality and thus, a good logo will make the public see a company as a reliable and professional organization. An excellent level logo makes products and services from a company desirable and so people do not hesitate to choose them at the key moment of choosing what to buy.

Since the logo is a company’s face and the item determining the graphic sense of all advertising tools, it must be made by a professional designer. Only a graphic expert can make a logo prevail and remain among all the minor logos flowing on the market. A template-based logo will not be original or representative at all. You may find tempting offers for pre-made logos online. However, this type of logo will not be able to uniquely represent your company, even if there are some changes made and, besides, you may find out that many other small companies have similar logos. A logo developed by an unskilled person is not a good option either, because it lacks the basic principles any professional graphic designer applies when designing. By hiring an amateur, you will end up wasting money and losing credibility, giving your organization a poor image.

What are the features of a logo with aesthetic and business quality? We describe the characteristics any good logo has and that any expert designer takes into account when creating an institutional logotype: