Personal cards are small card rectangles (standard size is 2’’ x 3.5’’) bearing the company’s logo, name (in case it is not in the logo), slogan (if they have one) and all contact information. These cards are introduced as part of a certain organization to new and old customers. Public keeps these items because they are a concrete representation of a company and a direct way of contacting it.

Card, Paper and Envelope

A personal card design is very important, precisely because it is a company’s introduction; thus, it must inspire an excellent feeling on the recipient. Since there is little room on the card, including little, well-organized and clear information is essential. Typographies, lines, shapes and colors must go well with the logo, which must of course be present. Besides the standard rectangle format, you can choose other shapes, according to the choices offered by the printing house. A professional designer will be able to provide you with advice related to the types of paper, printing systems, cuts and sheets that are more convenient. Well-designed personal cards quickly attract new customers.

Headed paper is letter or A4 paper daily used to write corporate letters and other messages. Its design must include the company logo on the top and the contact information (usually on the bottom). Its background can have the colors of the logo (only if that type of background makes it more readable) and lines following its style. Since the public gets this paper together with a message of an organization, having a professional and harmonic design as regards corporate identity is crucial.

Envelopes, in turn, are used to send headed paper. They can have different sizes and may or may not have cellophane windows allowing to see part of the inside. Envelope design must keep the style of the logo and headed paper. Logotype and contact information must be included. Besides, lines or pale backgrounds can be added for the envelopes to be more attractive. The public gets the envelope with a message inside they must value: so, a quality design is essential.