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The design process usually implies these stages:

1. First contact:

You need to get in contact with the agency chosen and a project manager will determine what is the best package for you, according to your needs and budget. The costs of the packages offered usually depend on four aspects: number of designers involved in the project (agencies promote team work to have different perspectives), number of samples to be made, number of review rounds to carry out and deadline.

2. Discovering a company:

the project manager will ask you or somebody else related to your company to answer in writing a detailed questionnaire to deeply get to know the organization. You will not be asked confidential but essential information: company’s name, slogan, logo or previous graphic material (in case you have it), products and services, prices, customer profile, color preferences, corporate values, etc. You must accurately make clear what company image you want to convey through the graphic component in question and make all the suggestions you want for the design.

3. First samples:

the designer team will read all the information you provided and after discussing several ideas together, each designer will make initial samples for the graphic component chosen (logo, brochure, Web site, personal card, postcard, poster, banner, etc.).

4. Choice:

the designers will show you the initial samples so that you can choose the one you like most. If you do not like any design, a new design round will be carried out. Then, you will probably find a sample suiting your needs. Anyway, the number of designs offered by the agency is the one determined on the package chosen.

5. Changes and corrections:

You will determine what changes you wish to make to the design chosen. The number of review rounds varies according to the package chosen. It is essential that you are accurate when asking for changes: changes in typography, colors, images, etc.

6. Final design delivery:

the time it takes to get a final design depends on the type of item to design (developing a Web site or logo takes longer than an envelope) and the number of corrections to make. Anyway, there are special services offering fast delivery at a higher price. You will receive the final design file, with the copyright. As an advertising method, graphic agencies will be able to show the work done. For Web sites, the agency hired will make sure that they are available on the Web.

Online graphic design agencies are a great option if you wish to save time and money. One of its main advantages is that design services can be hired at any time and from anywhere, and that the whole process is carried out online. Then, it is simpler, since you just need to be online to see the samples, suggest changes and get the final design. The payment is also made online, with security systems protecting your financial information and guaranteeing a reliable e-commerce. Costs are usually lower because online agencies save in facilities expenses for direct customer service. Anyway, they guarantee a constant communication to solve all kinds of doubts and questions. You will be in contact with assistants and designers by chat, e-mail or phone. Once you have gone over our site, you will have all the necessary tools to choose the best online graphic agencies.

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